Mister Miracle (1971) #7 NM (9.4) 1st app Kanto & Jet Bow Squad

Mister Miracle (1971) #7 NM (9.4) 1st app Kanto & Jet Bow Squad
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Mister Miracle (1971) #7
NM (9.4)
1st app Kanto Jet Bow Squad

Return of the New Gods (1977)

In 1976, the New Gods were featured in the last issue of 1st Issue Special, written by Gerry Conway and Dennis O'Neil and pencilled by Mike Vosburg.[20] The issue featured a new, more mainstream superhero costume for Orion, which he would wear for the next few years, but failed to lead to a relaunch. That same year, Jenette Kahn became DC's new publisher and decided to revive the "Fourth World" lineup in 1977.[21] The New Gods series relaunched in July 1977, and with 1st Issue Special still a relatively recent publication, it picked up where the storyline of that issue left off. Although the title remained "The New Gods" in the indicia and retained its original numbering, launching with #12, the covers used the title "The Return of the New Gods".[7][22] Conway wrote the series and Don Newton provided the pencils.[23]

The series introduced the character Jezebelle. It was cancelled with issue #19 (July–August 1978) prior to the "DC Implosion", where a variety of market-related factors caused DC to cancel almost all of the titles launched the previous year.[21] The final chapters of the series were published as backup features in the Adventure Comics #459–460 (1978) featured a climactic battle between Darkseid's forces and the New Gods, culminating in Darkseid's defeat and apparent "death." Conway later said that he felt the finale he provided for the New Gods saga was inadequate, though he greatly enjoyed working with Newton on the series.[21]

The New Gods met the Flash in Super-Team Family #15 (March–April 1978).[24]

Darkseid's "death" would quickly be overturned in the New Gods' next appearance in Justice League of America #183–185. The three-part storyline would tell of Darkseid's return to Apokolips and his scheme to destroy Earth-Two and teleport Apokolips into its place, so that he could conquer a new universe devoid of the New Gods. The plan would be foiled by the combined power of the New Gods, the Justice League, and the Justice Society.

Additional Info
Grader Notes NM (9.4)
Publisher DC
Character Mister Miracle
Grade 9.4 NM
Genre Superheroes
Certification No
Signed N/A
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